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q: Is No-Jet-Lag suitable for children?

It definitely is! Children over the age of 12 can chew the whole tablet. However, children below the age 12 should only half the adult dose. Children under the age of 4 should not be using No-Jet-Lag.

q: Are there any side effects?

No! Since No-Jet-Lag is entirely made from all natural ingredients, you will not experience any side effects such as grogginess. Isn’t it incredible!

q: How do I know that my product has run out of the medicated solution?

ELIXIR's release system works with body friction and heat, which releases a medicated scent. You will know that your product has run out of solution when you can no longer smell it.

q: How should I take the tablet?

No-Jet-Lag is best taken separately from meals.

q: Can it be combined with other types of medication?

No-Jet-Lag is best taken separately from meals.

q: Is No-Jet-Lag safe for pregnant women?

Because of the very small concentration of ingredients in No-Jet-Lag, it is safe to use while pregnant. If possible, however, flying while pregnant should be avoided.

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